Hi my name is Steve and I am an experienced Caricaturis.

I am available for ‘one off commissions’ in addition to being available to book for Weddings, Exhibitions and Conferences stands, open days, Product Launches, Corporate Functions, PR Events, After Show Parties and Celebrations, to name but a few.

Caricatures make for excellent Wedding entertainment, filling those wedding reception lulls.

I aim to make the process of creating a truely bespoke cartoons as simple as possible.

Simply complete the form within our Contact Me with us much additional detail as you can provide, for example,  who you would like me to caricature, nicknames, what they do and what hobbies they enjoy. I will try to incorporate as  much as I can into the finished caricature.

I look forward to receiving your instructions and adding you to our ever expanding list of satisfied clients.


Steve The Caricaturist